Dog Mushing Activities

  • Dog sled rides: Total time on the trail, add more for hook up and meeting the dogs afterwards.
    • 1/2 hour or 5 miles in length - $70 pp.$5 discount for cash.Start out in the basket, and ride the runners part way if you're feeling adventurous !
    • One hour or 10 mile ride - $110 pp. Same as above, only see more country.$5 discount for cash.
    • 2 hours -late February and March only. Fantastic tour of the Tanana River. Athabascan fish camp, fishwheels, wildlife tracks. Ride and drive.$210 pp, $10 discount for cash,
    • 3 hours - Extended tour of the Tanana River to a mammoth lake, see beaver houses, moose sign, saw a wolf there last year ! My favorite..$300 pp,$10 discount for cash. Arctic outerwear provided for all tours.

  • Mushing School:
    • Drive your own team with a guide,5 plus miles depending upon conditions, . 2-3 hours
    • Learn the art of dogmushing.
    • $310 per person. $10 discount for cash.Certficate of Accomplishment.


  • Custom Itineraries
  • Evening rides available and a new short ride and tour of the kennel.

Mushing School:

We introduce you to the equipment, sled dog psychology & behavior, and the dogs. Learn to harness, put them in the team, and then we immediately go on a 5 mile training run, dependent upon trail conditions.Halfway around we trade places and you drive back to the doglot. We then hook up 2 smaller teams (3-5 depending on your size and ability. Off we go on a 3-5 mile run..again dependent upon trail conditions.Afterwards enjoy hot drinks, a certificate of accomplishment, photos I have taken of you, and lots of laughs !




Sled Dog Adventures provides custom rides at many scenic trails in the interior of Alaska.

  • Learn to drive and care for a team of sled dogs and recognize the tracks of our wild neighbors such as moose, wolves and lynx.
  • Good physical condition is important for longer trips - regardless of age.
  • Participants are asked to be an active part of the experience.
  • We have different tours depending on your desires and abilities.
  • We include arctic outerwear.
  • Children are welcome for rides!

Mushing north of Denali
(look closely to the background)

Kathryn on the trail to Tolovana Hot Springs

The unique athletic abilities,stamina and heart of the Alaskan husky never cease to amaze us. We love our special lifestyle, our wonderful dogs, and have enjoyed sharing it with our guests for over 20 years.These are working dogs, bred to pull and run. You'll meet several over 10 years old, and it will be difficult to guess their age.

Our tours are about personal attention and progressing at a pace comfortable for you.

We have been mushing since arriving in Alaska in 1975.

"The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog." -US Sen. George Vest, 1870, "Eulogy of the Dog"

Choose a tour:

Starting in late February. Rides and mushing school all season. .

White Mountains : One hour north of Fairbanks, spectacular mountain vistas.Overnight with mushing school:$975 pp..Early April only.

Tanana River : Easy access to wild country, close to the University. (See rides).Don't worry, this ice is at least 3 feet thick.



Our season goes with the snow, usually November to early April.

Arctic outer wear provided 
Ski-joring, dogteam supported cross country ski trips 
Excellent food - Scenic trails 

Individual attention

Meet our crew of huskies: Miguel, Thor,Lyric, Aurora, Coho aka Parishilton, Killy,Lyric, Frog, Barfa, Moss, Lunai, Chinook, Ace, King, Cheddar, Simon, Joplin, Riley,Magic, and Cranberry. And a few more !

"When I come to the end of the trail, I feel that along with my many friends, Togo will be waiting and I'll know everything will be all right." - Leonard Seppala, celebrated dogdriver of the Serum Run era, 30 years after his favorite lead dog died. ("Cruelest Miles".) This is how we feel about those very special dogs that lead us and the team through it all. Without them, we might not go anywhere.!


Overnight and Long Distance Expeditions available, please contact us for further information

Chandalar Lake, Brooks Range - Alaska

Multi-day trips:

.Wrangell Mtns - 5 1/2 days. Early April. FANTASTIC country ! Mountains, caribou, lakes, wolf sign...Stay in warm cabins.Email for details. Photos on Facebook, Sled Dog Adventures.

Call for more ideas.. trail conditions and weather change, and I am always up for a new adventure.


Overnighters available March- April. Three exciting days.$950 per person. Includes:

1) Mushing school
2) Overnight trip
3) Next day return

Includes your own dogteam, excellent meals, finest arctic sleeping bag, wood-stove heated tent camp, arctic outer-wear and a guide.

"You have really found the secret to happiness up here in the north.with your dogs and sleds, the snow and freedom and endless views.This is the BEST mental health therapy !Thank you, again." - Lana Lafortune, Michigan

"At -30F and sunny, this was an incredibly fun experience.The conversation was great. Your teaching methods are valuable. Your love of nature, animals and Alaska are endearing. Thank you very much !" - Jody Schneider

"I have done a lot of extreme things. Race Car Driver. Hot Air Ballooing, Roller Derby -Motorcycling -Horses and more, but this was by far, the best experience ! " - Rhonda Johnson



Kathryn's son Lucas with Flute and Rooster


Sled Dog Adventures

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